Growing a future for our communities

New Brunswick's forestry industry is leading the way for a renewable future.

"Only with healthy forests can we deliver on our shared climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. And only with intact, lively forests can we address biodiversity."

- Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Certified Sustainable

Third-party forest management certification complements our comprehensive and rigorous forest management laws and regulations. It provides assurance that a forest company is operating legally, sustainably and in compliance with world-recognized standards.

We regrow eveything we use

Forest companies operating in New Brunswick are required to harvest at sustainable rates, and are responsible for the management of the regrowth or replanting of all harvested areas. More than 800 million trees have been planted in NB since 1987.

On the Path to Net-Zero

From pulp mills using "wood waste" as a biofuel to power their operations, to wood fibre being used as a sustainable manufacturing alternative for everyday essential products, our sector is leading the way in building a more sustainable future for Canadians.


of NB's forests are 3rd party certified for sustainability

Canada wide, 45% of forests are 3rd party certified.


NB harvests aproximately 1.4% of our managed forests, and 100% is replanted or regrown.


Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions since 1990

Forest management for our future

New Brunswick's forest sector contributes to and facilitates significant economic activity and employment opportunities in every region of the province.


More than 10,000 New Brunswick residents are directly employed in the forestry sector, with an additional 16,000 people employed indirectly. New Brunswick exports around $2.8 Billion of forest products annually, the second largest industrial export next to oil and gas.


Learn more about how our forests represent an economic future for New Brunswick communities.

Drone photo in winter of forestry complex in Fredericton

Forest NB - helping to grow a future for our communities.

About Forest NB

Forest NB is a non-profit industry association representing the forest products sector in dealings with government and the public. Our members manufacture diverse products from renewable forest resources including pulp, paper, solid wood, pellets, composite panels, specialty products, and much more.

Our Goal

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Opinion: Collaboration for the Future of our Forests

May 18, 2023

We can all agree on the important role forestry plays in the economy of New Brunswick by providing jobs and income for thousands of people across the province and supporting dozens of communities around the province. The sector in New Brunswick is older than anywhere else in Canada and continues to thrive thanks to a…

Reducing GHG emissions through comprehensive management plans

April 19, 2023

The latest submission of Canada’s 2023 National Inventory Report (NIR) of greenhouse gas emissions to the United Nations confirms that while Canada is making progress towards our 2030 Emission Reduction goals, there is still much room for improvement. Of particular note, the report confirms a long-known fact in the forest industry – that increased insect…

2022 Year in Review: Growing Opportunities in New Brunswick Forests

March 15, 2023

A key indicator of strength in the forest sector, much like the forests themselves, is resilience and adaptability in the face of challenge. On the heels of a global pandemic and rapidly changing global markets, the forest industry continues to translate challenges into opportunities. As climate change accelerates, we must acknowledge the important role our…

New Forestry Trade Certifications – an important accomplishment for the sector

February 17, 2023

In October 2022, Forestry Equipment Operator (Harvester, V190.1) and Forestry Equipment Operator (Forwarder, V189.1) became designated occupations under the Apprenticeship and Occupational Certificate Act. Harvester operator, Mike Mills, and forwarder operator, Tory Baker, became the first successful operators certified by the province after completing a 3.5-hour practical assessment and documenting more than the required operating…

New Brunswick’s new solutions – growing forestry opportunities in 2023

January 17, 2023

The post-COVID landscape for the forest sector continues to experience volatility and uncertainty for multiple reasons and the 2023 economic outlook is being called “bleak”. Following a couple years of record activity and prices, real estate markets in Canada are correcting largely due to the Bank of Canada hiking interest rates in the face of…

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