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From classroom presentations to experiential learning opportunities, let us connect you with excellent experiences to help your students explore forestry in New Brunswick! Please fill out the form linked below to get started and explore our other resources to help enhance your classroom.

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Forestry is important for all New Brunswickers and provides many rewarding career opportunities right here at home. Let us help you enhance your in-class explorations and learn more about these careers by connecting you with passionate forestry professionals from across the province.

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Classroom Visit

A member of Forest NB, an industry professional, or another sector partner can visit your classroom to present on a variety of topics about forestry and the New Brunswick forest industry.

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Experiential Learning

Together with our industry partners, we can help to coordinate an engaging experiential learning opportunity.

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Explore our collection of resources that can augment your in-class and project-based learning, or request something different that we may be able to source for you.

Forestry Resources

Whether you're researching New Brunswick's Forest Industry or looking for education resources, we've assembled an exceptional collection of publication and organizations.

You have 8,000 trees!

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Welcome to an engaging glimpse into Canadian forestry through our infographic, shedding light on the thoughtful management of our country's expansive forests. This visual journey explores the careful balance Canada strikes between environmental preservation and resource utilization. Dive into the complexity of sustainable practices, debunk deforestation, and celebrate the nation's commitment to responsible management of our forests.

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