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Welcome to an engaging glimpse into Canadian forestry through our infographic, shedding light on the thoughtful management of our country's expansive forests. This visual journey explores the careful balance Canada strikes between environmental preservation and resource utilization. Dive into the complexity of sustainable practices, debunk deforestation, and celebrate the nation's commitment to responsible management of our forests.

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Canada's forests are as incredible as they are large. With more than 300 Billion trees across our beautiful country, it can be a bit difficult to truly grasp the scope of our forests. To better understand them so that we can have better discussions about forest management, Andy Tree breaks down your 8,000 trees in our latest video.

Your 8,000 Trees are amazing! Here's a few places you can learn much more about them.

From zero-waste to Net-Zero, see how Canadian forestry is supporting a more sustainable future:

Learn how Canada's Forest Industry benefits our forests, communities, and our people from the Forest Products Association of Canada here:

Canadians are deeply committed to sustainably managing their forests for the multiple important values they provide. Canada’s rich forest ecosystems offer significant environmental, social and cultural benefits, as well as opportunities for responsible economic development. Sustainable forest management ensures that these benefits are maintained for both present and future generations.

Canada has been managing its forests to meet principles of sustainable forest management for many years. The State of Canada’s Forests: Annual Report has been a trusted and authoritative source of comprehensive information on the social, economic and environmental state of Canada’s forests and forest sector for 32 years.

Direct and Indirect Careers in Forestry in NB
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Forestry is woven right into the social and economic fabric of our province. It is New Brunswick's oldest industry. The core principle of managing our forests responsibly hasn't changed in more than 100 years, but new discoveries, technologies, and insights are constantly improving how we do it.

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