Video: Understanding Canadian Forests & Learning About Your Trees

Canada’s forests are as incredible as they are large. With more than 300 Billion trees across our beautiful country, it can be a bit difficult to truly grasp the scope of our forests. To better understand them so that we can have better discussions about forest management, Andy breaks down your 8,000 trees in our latest video.

Your 8,000 Trees are amazing! Here’s a few places you can learn much more about them.

Learn about Canadian forests, how they are managed, and much, much more with Natural Resources Canada’s State of the Forest Report:

From zero-waste to Net-Zero, see how Canadian forestry is supporting a more sustainable future:

Learn how Canada’s Forest Industry benefits our forests, communities, and our people from the Forest Products Association of Canada here:

For more information on Sustainable Forestry in New Brunswick, or from more from Forest NB, visit: