Forest Sector Professionnals Concerned About Bill 9 and The Softwood Lumber Agreement (Can-US)

15 March 2019

FREDERICTON, N.B. – 2019 Industry Forum and the annual general meetings of Forest NB and the Association of Registered Foresters of New Brunswick (ARPFNB) welcomed several forest sector professionals and leaders as well as Premier Blaine Higgs and Minster of Energy and Resource Development, Mike Holland.

On March 13, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs attends the opening banquet since he “(…) recognizes the importance of the forest sector in communities and New Brunswick’s economy, and realizes that forestry is hard work (…)

Several professors and scientists presented during the plenary sessions on 14 March 2019. Dr. Joe Schwarz, director of the McGill Organization for Science and Society, explains “(…)99.9% of the chemicals are natural and the dosage creates the poison (…) glyphosate does not pose a risk to humans when administered correctly.” The Organization for Science and Society of McGill is a scientific office, dedicated to communicating scientific facts to the public and stimulating his critical mind. It’s an independent organization. For more information, visit

Mr. André Pouliot, senior manager at Turner Drake, explained the impacts of Bill 9 on the forestry sector in New Brunswick. “Bill 9 is mostly aimed at industry sectors (…) who use machinery and equipment in New Brunswick. The bill would make it very hard for these industries to be competitive if it stays as is (…)

On March 14, 2019, Mr. Mike Holland, Minister of Energy and Resource development, present at the Forum’s luncheon, “(…) the department is working on the softwood lumber tariff, the woodlot owners’ interests, sustainable practices for forests for the future. The forest sector and environmental groups should work together (…)

Mike Legere, executive director of Forest NB is please of the event’s turnout. “The growth in attendance at our Forum is strong indication of the renewed vigor in the forest sector. Stakeholders, provincial and municipal representatives participated at our event and understand the forest sector’s important role in our economy now and in the future.”

Mr. Colin Barker, director at Global Affairs Canada, provides and update on the softwood lumber agreement between the United States and Canada. “The government has made significant efforts to diversify trade with other countries. We are still working on the softwood lumber agreement to get an exemption of duties for New Brunswick.”

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