State of the Forest Report Indicates Forest Industry is Making Big Improvements

FREDERICTON – On December 15, 2006, the Minister of the Department of Natural Resources, Donald Arseneault, released the second annual State of the Forest Report.

Mark Arsenault, President of the New Brunswick Forest Products Association is pleased to see that since the last report the forest industry’s performance on Crown land has definitely improved.

“The 2005 report serves as the benchmark to measure and monitor industry’s performance and progress on Crown land. In just one year, companies have demonstrated a sincere commitment to responsible forest management by decreasing the number of major violations by 90%,” says Mark Arsenault.

Arsenault is also pleased to see that, like in the 2004 – 2005 operating year, 98% of the harvest blocks had no environmental violations. In addition, the percentage of harvest blocks that had absolutely no violations increased from 85% for 2004 – 2005, to over 86% for 2005-2006.

“The Department of Natural Resources has continued to set high standards, while ensuring all operations undergo a very high level of scrutiny. This process indicates that forestry companies still have room for improvement. The public can be assured that the forestry industry is committed to continuing to improve their practices and performance,” Arsenault said.

Arsenault believes that this reporting process is a valuable initiative that makes great strides toward increasing the transparency and accountability of the forest industry. “The public should be well informed as to how their lands are being managed and the types of benefits the resource provides. We commend the government for providing an excellent tool for all New Brunswickers to gain the information they need,” said Arsenault.

The New Brunswick Forest Products Association is a non-profit organization that represents its members by serving as a common voice in relations with the government and the public, in raising public awareness of sustainable forest management practices and in providing a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and concerns.

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President & CEO