Moving Forward with Sustainable Forestry

Moving Forward with Sustainable Forestry

New Brunswick Forest Products Association

 The members of the NB Forest Products Association would like to highlight some important Facts about the sustainability of the Forest industry and the responsible management of Crown land.

The forest industry currently maintains 22,000 Jobs and is a $2.2 Billion/year industry that contributes 5.1 % of the GDP of the Province of New Brunswick with a value of $900 million/year in direct payroll.  This sustainable industry is critical to the future of New Brunswick. Tax revenues generated by the Industry are a large component of the provincial funding for health care, education, highways and other government services.

The New Brunswick Industry is a value added industry that has moved and evolved more so than most Provinces since the Global downturn in 2008.  High value products produced by the industry in NB are; textiles and clothing, tissue products, packaging products, high value specialty papers, high value softwood and hardwood lumber, value added white and red pine products, value added hardwood furniture products, value added cedar products, multiple plywood products, bio energy products, and the list goes on and on.  Innovation in the Forest Industry is at an unprecedented pace today and the sector has a bright future.

100 % of New Brunswick’s Crown Land is independent 3rd party certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification process. (  The SFI 2010-2014 Standard promotes sustainable forest management through 14 core principles, 20 objectives, 38 performance measures and 115 indicators developed by conservationists, scientists, professional foresters, and others. The standard addresses key environmental, social and economic forest values – from water quality and biodiversity to harvesting and regeneration.  The first 6 principles are:

1.Sustainable Forestry

2. Forest Productivity and Health

3. Protection of Water Resources

4. Protection of Biological Diversity

5. Aesthetics and Recreation

6. Protection of Special Sites

The NB Forest industry is a critical component of  New Brunswick’s resource-based economy. The Industry employs thousands of forestry professionals including Foresters and Forest Engineers, Biologists, Forestry Technicians, Contractors and skilled operators, all of whom have a single goal of maintaining a sustainable future in NB from forests that have sustained jobs in New Brunswick for one hundred years.

 The Crown land Conservation forest area/ Protected Natural Area (PNA) at 23 % or more than 750,000 ha will include doubling of the current PNA area. Over and above this area there is approximately 12 to 15%  of additional Conservation areas such as additional stream buffers, setback zones for nests, dens, recreational sites, inoperable areas and other new non-timber values that are protected as they are identified.  Reality is, approximately 35% of the Crown Forest is, and will continue to be set aside for existing and new conservation values in the Province.

Private woodlot owners rely on the Forest industry companies to buy their wood, and the Industry relies on their wood to sustain its fibre requirements.  There is a shortage of private wood in many areas of the Province.  The industry is asking for more private wood, and supply cannot meet demand today.  Crown timber does not compete with Private landowners and Private landowners are critical to the success of our industries.

The members of the New Brunswick Forest Products Association are committed to continuing the history of sustainable forest management in NB through transparent and open communication.  Through sustainable forestry practices we will continue supporting our communities through employment and investment, and increase our financial contribution to the Province.

Mike O’Blenis , UNB Faculty of Forestry 1997