GoForestry video puts new twist on an old favorite

GoForestry officially launches the second phase of its promotional strategy. As a cutting edge, bilingual campaign focused on promoting the professionalism, innovation and opportunities within the forest industry, this phase builds on the campaigns past internet success and takes on the power of social networking!

According to Daniel Gautreau, campaign coordinator, creating a modern cyber community centered on the forestry sector is expected to have broad appeal and reach everyone from environmentally conscious students, to their parents, teachers and career counsellors; while still offering something positive and exciting to current forest industry professionals.

“Keeping current is goal number one. Using social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter to create an internet forestry community makes sense if you want to reach young people.”

Probably the most exciting part of this launch is the new, wildly catchy, very entertaining GoForestry promotional video. The video is a parody of the popular “Boom de ya da” song and is available for viewing on YouTube with links through GoForestry’s award winning website www.goforestry.ca.

In addition to the promotional video, new career profile videos have also been added. As introduced in the first phase of the campaign, visitors to the website can learn about careers in forestry by watching video interviews of real, New Brunswick forestry professionals.

Mark Arsenault, President and CEO of the New Brunswick Forest Products Association, is confident the campaign will increase visibility of the forestry sector to high school students in a time when enrollment into post-secondary forestry programs is low. This campaign will show promising career choices for youth even in these challenging economic times.

“The current forestry sector workforce is increasingly mature. With many professionals close to retirement, New Brunswick needs highly skilled people to sustainably manage our greatest resource, our forests. This campaign will help recruit our brightest young men and women to post-secondary forestry programs ensuring a sound, responsible forest industry will always be a part of New Brunwick’s economic landscape.”

Donald Arseneault, New Brunswick’s Minister of Postsecondary Education, Training and Labour, stated:

“Forestry has always been and will continue to be a vital part of the province’s economy. New Brunswick will remain a world-class supplier of forest products, using the best forest management and harvesting techniques available. In today’s competitive environment, staying on top means having highly-skilled workers and we are pleased to support the forestry sector through the Council and its members in this effort. Our government is continuing to make strategic investments and partnerships such as this one today will help us achieve our goal of self-sufficiency by 2026.”

The GoForestry campaign is headed by the Council for Forest Promotion and Recruitment (CFPR) and is co-funded by partners of the CFPR, the province of New Brunswick and the government of Canada. The CFPR is a multi-stakeholder group composed of public and private organizations sharing a unique vision of promoting healthy and sustainable forest management, research, protection and conservation to ensure economic and social growth of communities for today and future generations. The following organizations are partners of the CFPR: Aboriginal Skills and Employment Project, Canadian Forest Service, Canadian Forestry Association of New Brunswick, Canadian Institute of Forestry, Maritimes section, Canadian Woodlands Forum, Fundy Model Forest, INFOR Inc., Maritime College of Forest Technology, New Brunswick Community College, New Brunswick Forest Products Association, Province of New Brunswick, Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick, Faculté de foresterie, Université de Moncton, Edmundston campus, University of New Brunswick Fredericton Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management


Daniel Gautreau