Efficiency NB

(Fredericton, NB) Efficiency NB is holding energy efficiency workshops for the New Brunswick forestry sector this week on June 9 and 10. Thirty five individuals representing at least 16 different sawmills in the province will take part in an English workshop in Fredericton and a French workshop in Grand Falls.
The workshops are being delivered by Canada’s national wood products research institute, FPInnovations – Forintek Division, which supports the forest products industry in optimizing manufacturing processes, extracting higher value products and meeting customers’ expectations of performance, durability and affordability.

Sawmill energy-use characteristics are unique to the sector and are closely tied to production processes. Opportunities for energy efficiency will be explored in sawmilling, lumber drying and planer mill energy, Efficiency NB representatives will also outline for participants the incentives and support available to sawmills through Efficiency NB programs for small, medium and large industry in the province.
Energy Minister, Jack Keir praised Efficiency NB for actively seeking to provide resources and support to the forestry sector. “Energy efficiency represents an important opportunity for cost savings in an industry that is faced with the challenge of remaining viable and competitive in a struggling economic climate. I think this is an extremely worthwhile initiative,” he said.

Efficiency NB is partnering with the New Brunswick Forest Products Association to promote and deliver the workshops to its members. “As the largest consumers of energy in the province our members understand the importance of maximizing energy efficiency. Energy can account for up to 30 percent of our total costs. It’s good for the bottom line and our environment,” said Mark Arsenault, the NB Forest Products Association President and C.E.O.

The English Energy Efficiency workshop is taking place June 9 at the Fredericton Inn, 1315 Regent Street, Fredericton, NB and the French workshop is taking place on June 10 at Près du Lac Inn, 10039 Route 144, Grand Falls, NB.

Communications Contact:
Tracey Somers, Efficiency NB, 506-643-2860, tracey.somers@gnb.ca
Mark Arsenault, NBFPA, 506-452-6939, mark.arsenault@staging2.ibsltd.ca