Forest Management in NB

Sustainable forest management (SFM) is defined as a “dynamic and evolving concept, which aims to maintain and enhance the economic, social and environmental values of all types of forests, for the benefit of present and future generations.”

(as defined by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Sustainably managed working forests sequester carbon as they grow, and that carbon is locked into forest products. Harvesting only about 1% of managed forest in NB every year, along with regenerating harvested areas, ensures that forests remain forests for future generations. These forests are managed not only for wood, but for many values including wildlife, habitats, and biodiversity.

The United Nations acknowledges that sustainable forest management is a critical component in combating climate change. Canada is recognized as a global leader in sustainable forest management and New Brunswick is proud.

Forest management is the organisation of multiple values and objectives all the while finding balance amongst them. Forest fires, invasive pests, harvesting, biodiversity, watercourses, endangered species are all part of forest management. View our videos to learn more about the different aspects of New Brunswick’s Forest management.

Wood Products Manufactured in NB

More than 24 000 people are linked to NB’s Forest sector, directly and indirectly. Some harvest, some plant, some manage lands, some do research, and many manufacture wood products.

These videos showcase many of the various wood products made in NB, and some of the people making them.

Our forests and the wood products produced from them are a nature-based solution that helps mitigate climate change.

Building with wood and innovating to create value-added products like bioplastics and biofuels from wood can help to lower carbon footprints and mitigate the effects of climate change.

I am 1 of 24 K - People

24,000 employees rely on sustainable forestry and we rely on them.

Harvesters, thinners, accountants, administrators, engineers, mechanics and logging truck drivers and so many other jobs are related to this impressive workforce.

Every job is important and helps produce essential products.

We are highlighting employees in the forest sector for their ongoing contributions in supplying us with essential products. Keeping our forests green is vital for our industry and environment. Sustainable forestry practices are fundamental for countering climate change.

Often, forestry operations are located in rural areas. New Brunswick is mostly composed of small communities who rely on the economic input of the forest sector to thrive. Over $1 million are given in donations and volunteer work every year.

The 24,000 people live across New Brunswick in French and English communities.

Are you are one of 24,000?